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Unleash Your True Potential With An Experienced Cycling Coach

Your individual needs as an athlete are what matter most to a British Cycling Level 3 Coach. We want you to achieve your personal goals, benefit from our training experience and knowledge, allowing you to be the best you can be on the bike, so you can gain maximum enjoyment and success from the sport.

To help you reach your personal goals, your cycling coach will tailor a training strategy to meet your needs in a sustainable way that ensures you progress over time.


November 2018
Winter riding above Mogan in Gran Canaria
photo of Richard Stone

Rob always allows the rider to achieve their potential and helps them to develop their fitness goals.

Richard Stone

Propel Yourself To A New Level With Assistance From A Qualified Road Cycling Coach

Regardless whether you’re training for the mountains, looking to cut 30 minutes off of your previous best next Gran Fondo time, or hoping to improve your racing abilities, the benefits of our coaching will help you achieve your goal. Using our experience of the past decade, we always look for ways to allow you to get the very best from yourself.

Working with a road cycling coach from our team will ensure that not only will you enhance your own physiological condition, but you'll also enjoy learning about training techniques and approaches, as well as gaining knowledge that will last a lifetime. There are no short cuts to success, but as time is usually in short supply, we want you to know you are training in the right way to ensure you can unleash your full potential with the help of a qualified cycling coach. 

Michael training in Gran Canaria

We not only believe in a personalised approach with one to one coaching benefits, but also want you to be able to trust in the process to ensure you have confidence that the training is working.

By building a training strategy based on your current performance, using data from your riding history, you can be sure that training by your qualified cycling coach will be tailored to your goals. We use leading analytics tools, including WKO5, which allows us not only to develop a personalised training strategy for you, but also to analyse and track changes over time leading to sustainable, incremental performance improvements.

Our Coaching Team

All of our coaches are qualified British Cycling Level 3 Coaches and hold Training Peaks Level 2 Accreditation and WKO5 Education

Rob Hawkins

I enjoy working with and helping keen road cyclists who want to make improvements in their cycling and gain the maximum possible enjoyment from the sport we share a passion for. You don't need to be an aspiring Olympian, or Cat 1 racer in your 20's to be able to make big improvements in your performance and reach a new level.

As a passionate cyclist, and fully qualified British Cycling Level 3 Road and Time Trial coach with 8 years of experience, I like to spend time with cyclists of all levels to help them improve and achieve their goals. For over a decade I've run our tour company Colconquerors, where I've enjoyed helping people improve many aspects of their riding during cycling tours & winter training camps. 

I've been riding and training with power since 2008 and it continues to be a journey of discovery, one that I very much enjoy sharing with those that I work with. There may well be lots of data, but at the end of the day it always comes back to how it applies to every rider as a unique human being, it's important never to lose sight of that fact. As an experienced road cycling coach, I will discuss the data with you and help you to improve on any areas. 

Ray Sells

As a British Cycling Level 3 Coach I like to focus on quality, understanding rider’s needs and aspirations, as well as delivering performance programmes to meet individual requirements. As such, I only work with a small number of clients to ensure that they all receive in-depth training from a professional cycling coach. I have extensive knowledge of training with both HR and Power.

On a personal level I have cycled for most of my life, in addition to Road Racing, TT and sportives in the UK, I continue to ride in the Alps and Pyrenees 3-4 times a year and have completed most of the major climbs, some during Geneva – Nice and the Pyrenean Raid. 

For the past 6 years I have successfully coached/trained both Junior and Senior riders to achieve their goals, and develop their cycling performance to the next level.

It's personal! Never again be left wondering if your training is working or if you're working on the right things at the right time.

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