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This is the level of strategy that includes a high level of communication in addition to the personalised training approach that will lead you to a new high level of performance. The communication, plus more detailed and frequent ride analysis via WKO5, are key elements that will significantly contribute to your progression.

Optimised Interval Targets


Getting Started With Your New Training Strategy

  • Initial coaching consultation and set up of your included Premium TrainingPeaks account.
  • Integration of your ride history / details into WKO5 to enable enhanced analytics, analysis and performance.
  • Complete ‘Rider Profiling’ and a ‘Lifestyle Audit’ to identify your current status, strengths and weaknesses, as well as determine time available/priorities for training per week.
  • Setting of short, medium and long term goals to help you progress towards your targets.
  • Creation of a realistic, challenging Annual Training Plan focussed on achieving goals.
  • Carry out initial fitness test (Power Profiling).
  • Determine optimised training zones.
  • Follow-up meeting to agree goals, training schedule and ongoing communications.

Your Carbon Package Includes: 

Personalised custom Training – Fully WKO5 Managed

Your carbon training strategy is fully customised to you and your goals. It's based around your unique performance history, current capabilities and will clearly identify your limiters and riding strengths. Using the advanced tools available within the sports science backed WKO5 analytics package for endurance sports, we will be able to create your custom training plan for you. 

PMC 3 years

Key Sessions Daily Reviews 

Each key training session will be analyzed using a combination of our experience plus the enhanced analytcis of WKO5. Using the more detailed analytics available via WKO5 allows us to provide much more specific feed back on your training sessions and all importantly allows future training sessions to become progressivly even more focused on your unique physiology and cycling goals.

Feedback will be provided on your workouts via your included premium TrainingPeaks account. 

Weekly Review Meeting

You’ll receive 30 minute weekly review meetings, where your cycling coach will review your performances, analyse your data, make recommendations, explain the purpose of the following weeks training and its purpose in the wider strategy and answer any of your questions. 

Weekly Communication

You will have access to your coach outside of weekly meetings via email to discuss your training needs. Additional contact via SMS & What's app is available for emergency updates and notification of changes.

Strategy Revisions

Your personalised training strategy and Annual Training Plan will be updated whenever necessary, to ensure it meets your goals using the advanced tools and insightful metrics that WKO5 provides into your perpetually evolving personal performance. You are changing all the time and your strategy moves in line with your progress; it's never static and changes can be made sometimes as often as daily to ensure your precise needs are being met. We have other cycling coaching strategies available, Titanium and Steel, each of which offer a different level of detail.

WKO5 Analysis


Zwift Coach Led Group Training

One coach led group structured Zwift training is included per month. Each month your coach will run a structured group ride via Zwift. Zoom video calls are used to make the experience fully immersive with dynamic race and workout simulation instructions given throughout. Zwift coach led group rides are a great way to stay focused and motivated throughout the year whilst also contributing to your goals.

Zwift Private 1-1 Coaching Sessions

15% discount on coach led private 1-1 zwift training sessions (Zwift/Zoom membership not included). These sessions are structured based on your discussions with the coach and can be used to help you overcome a barrier you may have been experiencing in training or to work on a specific aspect of your training. For example, you may need help with pacing and nutrition on a sustained mountain climb, or want to improve your cadence during higher intensity sessions, or just have someone help to motivate you for a breakthrough workout this month. These private sessions are pretty much like riding on the road with your personal coach and due to the very interactive nature of the session and live availability of performance metrics (power & w/kg etc), it can actually be more effective than coaching on the road. Private 1-1 coaching can of course be tailored to meet almost any training need.


£160.00 per month

£100.00 initial set-up fee

If you would like more information about our carbon coaching strategy or the benefits of coaching, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. 

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