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This is our entry level of strategy that includes monthly communication and weekly ride reviews and feedback. If you want the benefits of a personalised training strategy to help you improve but don't want such in-depth ride analysis and communication this is a good place to start.

Your New Training Strategy

  • As part of your training strategy, you will receive an initial coaching consultation and set up of your included Premium TrainingPeaks account.
  • You will complete both ‘Rider Profiling’ and a ‘Lifestyle Audit’, so that we can identify your current status, strengths and weaknesses, enabling us to determine time available/priorities for training per week.
  • We will set up short, medium and long term goals to help you progress toward your targets.
  • Your cycling coach will create a realistic, challenging Annual Training Plan focussed on achieving goals.
  • Carry out initial fitness test (Power Profiling).
  • Determine optimised training Zones.
  • Follow-up meeting to agree goals, training schedule and ongoing communications.

What Does The Steel Coaching Package Include? 

Custom Training Strategy

Your training strategy is completely bespoke and customised to you and your goals. It's based on your unique performance history and will identify your limiters, as well as your riding strengths, so you will certainly understand the benefits of coaching with a professional and qualified coach. 

Training Peaks

Weekly Training Session Feedback

Key training sessions will be analysed in TrainingPeaks and feedback provided via our connected TrainingPeaks coaching account on a weekly basis. 

Monthly Review Meeting

You’ll receive a 30 minute review meeting each month where your coach will review your performances, analyse your data, make recommendations, clearly explain the next month’s strategy and purpose and answer any questions you have. 

Monthly Communication

All communication takes place during the monthly update and weekly TrainingPeaks session updates.

Strategy Revisions

Your personalised training strategy will be updated once per month to ensure it remains aligned with your lifestyle and goals. We have other coaching strategies available, so we can assess and see if you would be better suited for the Carbon or Titanium strategy at any point.

TrainingPeaks Strategy Reviews


£140.00 per month

£100.00 set-up fee

If you would like to find out more about our Steel coaching strategy, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, today. 

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