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The relationship between an athlete and a Coach is the single most valuable and effective resource.

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Benefits of cycling coaching

The British Cycling Level 3 coaching qualification is the highest recognised coaching certification in cycling, allowing coaches, who have the practical skills, experience and knowledge of cycling, to plan, deliver and evaluate detailed periodised training programmes for individual riders within a specific discipline.

“The relationship between an athlete and a coach is the single most valuable and effective resource. It is likely that technical information imparted by coaches, or training plans, is widely available on the internet, within reference books, coaches’ and athlete’s notebooks and common conversation between experienced coaches. The value of coaching lies in pulling together information from many different sources in addition to the coaches’ level of expertise to meet the individual needs of each rider through a coach athlete relationship.”

British Cycling Level 3 Coaching  Training Peaks Level 2 Accredited Coach

Why Choose A British Cycling Level 3 Coach

Your individual needs as an athlete are what matter most to a Level 3 cycling coach. They want you to achieve your personal goals, utilising their training theory and knowledge, allowing you to be the best you can be on the bike and gain maximum enjoyment from the sport.

The benefits of coaching means that your coach will tailor a strategy to meet your need and to help you reach your personal goals not just after their initial consultation, but in a sustainable way that ensures your progress over time.

A Big Step Up From Training Plans & Self-Selected Training

Many riders who have successfully followed a training plan, or virtual training plan where the types of session have been chosen based on what was thought to be best may want to step up the next level, become faster, tackle tougher challenges get into racing or move on to a new level of performance.

One of the most effective ways to achieve this is to engage the services of a coach. By assessing your strengths & development needs, identifying your goals and producing a bespoke and adaptable training strategy, a British Cycling Level 3 Coach will ensure that you continue to progress as a cyclist and become the best you can be. You can be certain that you will be doing things in a way that yields results and at the same time will improve not only your cycling, but also knowledge of how to train which will add even more fun to the sport.

Key One To One Coaching Benefits

If you are considering working with a qualified Level 3 Coach you should keep in mind the following one to one coaching benefits: 

Your Training Strategy Will Be Designed For You 

If you follow an off-the-shelf training plan then it is likely that you will get fitter, benefit from the structure of harder, easier sessions and recovery and learn a lot about how your body responds to training stimuli. It is however very unlikely that you will discover your full potential and certain that you will not reach that potential. It takes experience and expertise to develop a training strategy that meets your long-term aims and objectives. That is why one to one coaching benefits you more, as you are able to have a training strategy, either steel, carbon or titanium, designed for you, your ability and your goal.

Time To Train Is Precious 

It takes time to put together a detailed, daily, weekly, monthly and annual training plan and athletes recognise that a coach is a wise investment in time management. Your free time can be spent training, resting and doing all the other things that demand your attention every day, which is another one of our benefits to coaching. 

A Critical Friend 

It is difficult to make objective decisions about training and racing, not least because such decisions are often emotional as well as physical. One of the biggest benefits of coaching is that your coach will help you focus on your priorities and give you feedback on your choices even when it may not be what you want to hear.

A Holistic Approach

A coach will include technical, tactical, and psychological training in to your programme, not simply workouts designed to improve your physiology. Athletes often enjoy working on their strengths; a coach will ask you to work on your weaknesses and areas that you need to develop to become a stronger cyclist.

A Coach Is A Motivator

It’s just a little easier to get out of bed on a wet, dark morning if you know that your coach has spent time putting together that morning’s training session for you. More importantly, it can be more fun! Cycling can be a solitary sport and nothing beats having a partner to discuss ideas, talk over strategy, commiserate and celebrate with.

One To One Coaching Benefits

You can always expect your coach to do the following:

  • Explain the level of commitment required from coach and rider to ensure a focus on quality.

  • Provide equal opportunities for all to prosper.
  • Be open, honest and accountable.
  • Always hold the best interests of the rider first.
  • Invest the necessary time to evaluating client’s data to ensure training is focussed.
  • Be available as and when agreed.
  • Be able to adapt my personal and coaching style to meet the needs of riders and their individual goals and challenges.
  • Understand the environment, objectives and challenges that riders have in advance of providing coaching.
  • Provide factual and objective feedback to riders to aid progression.
  • Explain clearly and concisely the training methods and plans being prescribed to ensure riders understand the benefits.
  • Be positive and focussed on the needs of the riders when spending time with them. • Maintain a professional, polite approach and image at all times.
  • Operate within the remit of my qualifications and boundaries of my coaching insurance and within the rules of cycling.
  • Help riders to develop both physically and psychologically so they are able to act independently of others.
  • Encourage the sharing of information that could be critical in furthering rider development, performance or wellbeing.

For more information about the benefits of coaching or how we can help, don’t hesitate to contact our team, today. 

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