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A little final preparation goes a long way

It’s nearly time for your trip and some final preparation will ensure that everything goes to plan. To help you prepare we’d like to share our top tips about things you should bring & consider so that you’re well equipped both on and off the bike. There’s also an overview of the items we’ll provide during your trip so you don’t have to worry about them.

We Provide These Things

We want you to come and enjoy riding your bike so there are many things that we provide so that you don’t have to think about them. Of course some of these items you might like to bring yourselves if you have specific needs.

  • Bike maintenance tools
  • Torque wrenches
  • Bike repair stands
  • Spare inner tubes & tyres
  • Track pumps
  • Fresh fruit each day
  • Top up High quality sports bars
  • Top up Energy gels
  • Water
  • Carbohydrate drink mixes
  • Recovery shake mixes
  • Bike fitting components
  • Spare saddles
  • Foam rollers (several on each trip)
  • GPX files and route details for every day

Travel & Bike Insurance

Peace of mind is important, having holiday travel insurance is mandatory for every one of our trips. You can never plan for the unexpected however having travel insurance in place will help deal with the majority of unforeseen circumstances before and during your trip. It’s is for this reason that travel insurance is mandatory for all of our trips and we strongly recommend sorting it out as a part of your booking process. We hope it doesn’t happen to you but sadly at times people do get injured or become ill in the build up to a trip and it’s good to know that not only your holiday with us is covered but also other costs such as your flights.

Another consideration is having a policy in place to cover your bike. Bikes are often not covered to anywhere near their value as part of even a good travel insurance policy so it’s something you might like to consider investigating. We have an excellent relationship with Yellow Jersey who provide both travel and bike insurance packages tailored to holidays like the ones we run at Colconquerors.

Peace of mind

The Weather

You never can be 100% sure what the weather will bring and this is especially true in mountainous regions where weather can be very different from valley to valley and at differing altitudes. We have lived, worked and played in the mountains for over a decade and there can sometimes be a surprise or two! 

If you prepare well the vast majority of situations can be dealt with to keep you safely on the road which is of paramount importance to us. If there’s ever anything you need help with in relation to packing for the conditions just ask.

There are a multitude of weather apps and web sites available most of which do quite a good job of contradicting each other at times! We have found that the following web site and app for iPhone or Android is about as good as it gets…

The weather

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