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The titanium coaching strategy is our most focused from both rider and cycling coach. You may have a specific training requirement that dictates a very high level of focus and perhaps you have made changes in your personal lifestyle to allow the time to accommodate it. Alternatively, you may not have quite achieved a prior goal at the level you wanted to even after training as well as you thought you could. If these apply to you then this approach provides the highest possible level of focus, communication, data analysis and planning to ensure you get over the line.

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Get Started With Your New Titanium Training Strategy

  • An initial coaching consultation and set up of your included PremiumTraining Peaks account.
  • Integration of your ride history into WKO5 to enable enhanced analytics, testing, analysis and performance.
  • Complete ‘Rider Profiling’ and a ‘Lifestyle Audit’ to identify your current status, strengths and weaknesses. This will allow your coach to determine time available/priorities for training per week.
  • Benchmarking of any target events/activities to determine key physical, psychological, technical and tactical requirements required to meet your personal targets.
  • Review of your full power based ride history. This will help to identify improvement opportunities.
  • As part of the strategy, you will get set short, medium and long term goals to help you progress toward your targets.
  • Creation of a realistic, challenging Annual Training Plan focussed on achieving your personal goals.
  • Carry out initial fitness tests (Power profiling and optimised test targets).
  • Set optimised training Zones.
  • You will receive a follow-up meeting to agree your goals, training schedule and ongoing communications.

What Will Your Titanium Package Include?

Personalised Custom Training

The Titanium training strategy is totally customised to you and your very specific goals. It's based around your own unique performance history and will identify your riding strengths, limiters and prioritise which are important to allow you to achieve your goal. At this level, having increased focus on performance limiters that will have a negative impact on your goal/event is a crucial part of building your training strategy. Through the personalised custom training you will receive, you will certainly see the benefits of coaching as your relationship with your coach evolves.

Key Session Daily Reviews With Enhanced Analytics

As part of your Titanium coaching package, each training session will undergo more in-depth analysis to drive maximum opportunity for future performance gains. Depending on the session type, analysis can include quadrant analysis to determine the effectiveness of training, analysis in WKO5 of charts (proven to be very accurate in comparison to that of VO2max testing in a lab) to help determine exactly how much time you spent above 100% of VO2max during short interval sessions, ensuring that the desired training load in being achieved. Detailed feedback provided via TrainingPeaks for each completed training session.

An example of where more detailed analytics can help drive significantly higher performance gains at key times in your training strategy:

a) It takes time for your body to begin to work fully above its aerobic capacity (VO2 Max). The chart below shows that although the athlete completes these VO2 Max intervals that only around 50% of the interval time was spent above 100% of the riders VO2 Max, meaning that we have not necessarily achieved the goal for the session. To elicit a greater training response, the interval duration needs to be increased so that the rider spends a more sustained period of time above 100% of VO2max. (Yellow = Power / Blue = Time above 100% VO2 Max / Green Circle = Shows the relatively small percentage of time during the interval spent above 100% VO2 Max)

Time above 100% VO2 Max


A Weekly Review Meeting

You’ll receive a 45 minute weekly review meeting where your coach will review your performances, analyse your data, make recommendations, and answer any questions. 

Enhanced Communication

You will have access to your coach outside of weekly meetings via phone, Facetime or Skype to discuss any urgent training needs in addition to having email and text contact for emergency communications.

Strategy Revisions 

Your personalised training strategy will be updated whenever necessary to ensure it meets your goals. We offer other coaching strategies, including Carbon and Steel, so will ensure that you are working on the one that is best for you.

Season End Review 

Your coach will conduct an in depth review of your seasons training and race/event performance. The outcome of the review will provide a critical insight into your training needs to further improve performance in the following season. A 90 minute video call, or where possible face to face meeting, will be scheduled for this review.


£300.00 per month 

£150.00 initial set-up cost

If you would like to find out more about our Titanium coaching strategy, please contact our coaches, today.

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