Zwift Training Sessions & Racing

Train and race as part of a group any time of year.

Racing and training on Zwift at certain times of the year can significantly enhance your training in pursuit of your primary summer events. It's important to have goals to work towards throughout the year and group training and racing is a fun way to help prepare for the season ahead whatever the conditions.

Three Reasons To Train and Race In Zwift With Us: 

  • Every ride has a structure and purpose to ensure it's a valuable part of your overall Zwift training. If left to your own devices, will you maximise the use of your time?
  • Every session is led by a qualified cycling coach who will provide dynamic ride objectives during each ride.
  • It's fun, sociable and great to keep you motivated.

Coach Led Group Zwift Training Sessions

Every month we run several group Zwift rides, each of which has a specific focus. It could be a challenging up pace tempo session to help boost your durability or be focussed on climbing mountains, race simulation or entertaining endurance rides. Whatever the focus of the session, your fitness will move a step in the right direction and your levels of motivation will be high! Although every ride is in a carefully selected Zwift world, everything practiced will absolutely be beneficial to your riding in the real world.

Year Round Zwift Racing

Racing in Zwift can be exhilarating, whilst at the same time contributing to your wider training objectives, especially when it forms part of a wider training strategy. Why wait until spring when you can select a series of suitable events throughout the year that you can use to perfect strategies, discover your limiters and work on improving them ahead of your season’s goals. 

"I made up some places before hooking up with a Danish rider and worked together until beating him across the line in a sprint!"

Do these sound like the words of an ummotivated rider on a cold wet day? We thought not and motivation levels got this rider his PB for an hour this year to date!

Group Zwift Training Sessions

Here's how to get going...

Open Zwift Training Sessions

Each month we run several open structured Zwift training sessions that anyone is free to join us for. Rides will always have a specific focus and a course within Zwift will be chosen to ensure the ride is as realistic as possible. Just like for our real world cycling tours, we carry out a recon ahead of every ride so that we know exactly what you are going to ride before the meet-up. Rides are usually between 60 and 75 minutes long and always start with a progressive warm-up.

To participate you'll need to be a Zwift rider, follow us in Zwift "Rob @ Colconquerors" and to get the most from the session have Zoom installed on your device so that you can interact fully with the coach and other riders. If you would like to be notified of upcoming open Zwift training sessions you just need to sign up below so that we can notify you of what's up and coming.

Coached Groups Only For Training On Zwift

If you're already signed up with us on a Carbon or Titanium coaching package then every month you have the opportunity to join a closed group training session where only others training with us participate. It's a very social way to get a training ride in and chat about training with your coach and others. Of course as with all training on Zwift that we run, the ride will have a specific training focus and the course will have been carefully selected to ensure a suitable challenge!

For more information about our training on Zwift or to discover the benefits of coaching, don’t hesitate to contact our team, today. 

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