Ultimate Italian Alps

The Quintessential Trio of Italian climbs; Stelvio, Gavia & Mortirolo

The Stelvio Pass

Five irresistible Italian Alps trip highlights.

  • Climb the legendary Stelvio, Mortirolo & Gavia high mountain passes.
  • Discover the astounding glacial views from the high peaks surrounding Bormio.
  • Imagine epic stages of the Giro d’Italia as you achieve your goals throughout the week.
  • Benefit from experienced guides, coaches and vehicle support every day.
  • Stay, relax and enjoy great cuisine in one chic hotel that’s been in the same family since 1959.
June 2018
The Italian Alps
photo of Graeme Scott

Attention to detail. That, in three words, summarises my first experience with Col Conquerors.

Graeme Scott

Stelvio Pass Cycling in the Italian Alps

Stelvio Pass Cycling & Italian Alps Holiday Summary:

The Italian Alps are host to some of the most iconic and challenging mountains that you could hope to climb on a bike. The Passo dello Stelvio, Passo di Gavia and Passo di Mortirolo are three of the most epic climbs and in our opinion, legendary – they often feature in the Giro d’Italia!  Stelvio Pass Cycling is challenging but it’s so rewarding and a must-do bucket list item!

Conquer these unrivalled passes and more during our 7-night Stelvio pass road cycling holiday through the iconic Italian Alps to add to your list of cycling achievements. Overcome some of the most challenging, yet visually stunning peaks during the tour with the opportunity to become one of the few who have climbed Stelvio from all three sides in a single day (optional!).

Our Stelvio Pass cycling trip is the ultimate Italian bike break. The entire week is based in beautiful Bormio at the foot of the almighty Stelvio, surrounded by majestic mountain passes that you’ll have the chance to tackle during the week. We’ve carefully selected the hotel due to its incredible comfort, superb cuisine and high-quality bike facilities. Family-run, this hotel has been in the same family since first opening its doors several generations ago. You’ll be treated to a cosy, welcoming atmosphere, with peace of mind that the staff really go out of their way to look after us cyclists.

At the end of a day spent up on the Stelvio Pass cycling, you can retire back to the hotel, spending some time in the lounge with a cold beer or glass of wine, or pop by the sauna to relax or indulge in a massage to help relieve aching muscles.

This is a challenging but very rewarding week of cycling surrounded by some of the finest views in the Italian Alps.


Italian Alps & Stelvio Pass Cycling Itinerary:

Umbrail & Stelvio Pass Cycling Tour

Richard cycling Stelvio pass from Bormio
Two iconic High Mountain Passes
  • Crossing the border into Switzerland as you climb the Umbrail Pass.
  • Ascend the legendary hairpins of the Passo di Stelvio as you approach the summit at 2757m.

We’re here to climb and enjoy the stunning scenery and our first riding day certainly gets the week off to a flying start. Departing the hotel, we first head to Switzerland via the Passo Umbrail. This high mountain pass on the Swiss-Italian border connects Santa Maria with Bormio, offering miles and miles of breath-taking and scenic views. With its summit sitting at 2501 meters in altitude, it’s an unmissable challenge.

After descending deeper into Switzerland, we will head back across the border into Italy for the main event of the day. Starting from Prato allo Stelvio, we ride the classic Stelvio climb with the iconic hairpins. Stelvio Pass cycling truly is one of the best things to do in the alps and you’ll see why it’s one of the best passes to climb on a bike!  This day is a road-cyclists dream, with vistas to match. Once we’ve taken in the awe-inspiring views from the summit at 2758m we’ll enjoy the smooth, fast descent back to Bormio. The memories of today’s epic climbs and stunning scenery are sure to last a lifetime.

Distance: 0 km
Elevation: 0 m

Bernina Pass & Forcola di Livigno

Steve climbs the Forcola di Livigno from the Swiss side
Two countries one fantastic climb
  • Climb alongside Europe’s highest railway as your reach the summit of the Forcola di Livigno.
  • A sweeping descent into the mountain resort of Livigno.

Day 2 of our Stelvio Pass cycling holiday sees a gentle descent for the first 40km, providing an opportunity to freshen the legs up and take in the views ahead of the first climb of the day. This comes in the form of a 25km climb to Passo Forcola di Livigno, reaching 2315 meters in altitude! The effort exerted to get here is well worth it, with a birds-eye view of some of Italy’s greatest mountains laid out before us.

From here, we descend into Livigno before climbing to the Passo Foscagno at 2291 meters before taking the descent back to Bormio  to return to the hotel and relax for the evening. It’s certainly a memorable day in the saddle.

Distance: 0 km
Elevation: 0 m

Passo di Gavia & The Lakes of Cancano

The hairpins of Cancano
High mountain lakes and glacial views
  • Climbing above the tree line to the summit of the Gavia pass at 2501m.
  • The tight hairpins as you climb to the lakes of Cancano.

Don’t be deceived by the shorter distance today – While we might be staying closer to Bormio for the day, we will first head to the stunning Passio di Gavia from the Bormio side of the mountain. Not only is this a challenging climb but one that also provides superb glacial views as we climb above the tree line and approach the summit at 2621 meters. 

After a descent back towards Bormio we then embark on a climb to the lakes at Cancano. The road has amazing tight hair pins that will see us climb towards a stunning vantage point at the summit. Cameras are always put to good use here to capture these breathtaking views. The day ends with another fast, sweeping descent, looping back towards Bormio.

Distance: 0 km
Elevation: 0 m

Stelvio Pass Cycling Mid-Week Recovery Day

Ancient baths of Bormio
Recovery ride & time to explore Bormio and its Spas
  • Time to explore Bormio and its Roman baths dating back to 1AD.
  • The climb to Bormio 2000.

Day 4 is dedicated entirely to recovering from the week’s exertions, as there is still plenty of challenging riding to look forward to. Our itinerary for the day is very flexible; options include spending the day exploring the local area, resting up at the hotel, enjoying the spa in Bormio, going for a walk, or joining us for a short morning bike ride to Bormio 2000 to keep legs active for the next day’s ride. We all recover in different ways, so all eventualities are covered depending on individual needs. 

Bormio is home to two unique spas, one of which dates back to 1AD, which can make an excellent start to recovery day. There are also some great cafes and spots for lunch in the old town and we’re on hand to offer suggestions and recommendations for this day.

In fact, this day is the perfect opportunity to quiz us on all things cycling. If there’s anything you’d like to chat about, you can test our coaching and bike fit skills and truly put them to work.

Distance: 0 km
Elevation: 0 m

Mortirolo & Gavia Passes

Jim conquering the Gavia Pass from Pont di Legno
Two climbs that form a part of cycling history
  • Conquering the mighty Mortirolo and its 32 hairpin bends.
  • Climbing Gavia from Point-di-Legno and seeing some of the finest mountain views in Europe.

It’s day 5 and time for one of the highlights of the trip. The main challenges to be faced today are the Mortirolo and Passo di Gavia, both of which provide their own unique challenge. 

First is the legendary Mortirolo with its long pitches of 16-18% in gradient and an average approaching 11% over the full 12km length of the climb. Just when you think it’s going to give you a break, it kicks up again. You will cycle past the Pantani memorial at bend 11 of 39 and on to the lung-busting summit at 1851 meters. 

We’ll make a stop for lunch, after which the next challenge awaits – the Passo di Gavia. This truly epic climb from Ponte di Legno has plenty of stunning glacial and lake views never to be forgotten. We truly believe this is one of our most spectacular and challenging rides of your cycling season.

Distance: 0 km
Elevation: 0 m

The Ultimate Stelvio Pass Cycling Day

The final Stelvio classic hairpins
Time to enjoy Stelvio
  • Enjoy Stelvio from one, two of all three sides. The choice is yours!
  • Congratulating yourself on the achievements of the week in the Italian Alps.

You can have a second go at cycling the Stelvio pass on day 6. It seems fitting to end your week of cycling in the Italian Alps on the slopes of the most famous pass but there are options for the day. 

Depending on your personal goals for the week you can choose to climb Stelvio from all 3 directions to join the elite group of riders to achieve this feat. Alternatively, you can climb it once or twice, perhaps via the tight wooded hairpins from Santa Maria in Switzerland which you descended on the first day. Don’t worry, there’s no need to decide until the day.

We’ve all completed a great week of riding and some celebration is most definitely due in the evening! Round off your week in the Italian Alps and Stelvio pass cycling with a drink or two.

Distance: 0 km
Elevation: 0 m

Stelvio Pass Cycling Accommodation:

La Genzianella


Location: Bormio

Why chosen: Great location, superb hospitality, the best bike room anywhere and fine food.

We carefully select all our hotels with your comfort in mind, which is precisely why we’ve picked this hotel as our base in Bormio. You’ll be treated to the perfect blend of hospitality, great food and ambience with amazing bike facilities to make this Stelvio Pass cycling trip a memorable and extremely satisfying experience.

The hotel is located in a quiet area of Bormio and is just a short 5-minute walk to the old town. With its own impeccably kept grounds, it’s a perfect spot to relax after a long day of riding.

Genuine good food and wine are always very important to us. The chef and his team at the hotel only use high quality local produce to prepare mouth-watering menus that will make dining on this tour extra special. The hotel offers a fantastic selection of local and Italian wines to complement your evening meal.

The lounge and bar area are very comfortable and have been a favourite post-ride haunt and visited again after dinner to enjoy a chat about the achievements of the day. 

The hotel’s bike storage is perfect for this week of Stelvio Pass cycling. The bike room is also equipped with a small workshop and bike cleaning bay to complement our own support equipment, you can safely store all your essential kit for the week, too.

Bedrooms are on a twin share basis and are either a twin or double format (single supplement available based on availability). The rooms are modern with an authentic mountain lodge feel and superb beds perfect for a good night’s sleep after a day on the bike. 

Genzianella Hotel Bormio
Superb rooms for a great night of recovery
A superb dining experience
The ultimate bike room
Genzianella lounge and bar is perfect to relax after a day cycling in the Italian Alps

Dominic Colston

As usual you and Karen had the logistics organised perfectly. When you say that we ride and you do the rest it really is true!

Nick Stewart

Just returned from my first ever organised cycling trip, wish I had done something like this years ago.

Kate Mcpherson

We’ve just returned home from a really great week in the Italian Alps on the Ultimate Italy trip.

Adrian Lott

The three magical climbs of the Passo Stelvio, The Mortirolo and the Passo Gavia were ridden over a week of truly magnificent cycling, supported by Colconquerors wonderful staff.

James Murray

Firstly, enormous thanks to Rob, Karen and Mike – a brilliant and passionate team. Your relaxed but professional approach to cycle touring provides the perfect blend regardless of ability

The Holiday Includes

  • 7 Nights Half Board accommodation in our carefully selected Bormio based hotel.
  • A superb 5 course evening meal each evening & high quality breakfast.
  • 6 days guided and vehicle supported cycling with an experienced team.
  • Fresh fruit each day and top up sports nutrition in support vehicle.
  • GPX files for each ride & high quality printed/PDF doc.
  • Private airport transfers to and from Milan airports.
  • British Cycling Level 3 coaching throughout to help improve any aspect of your cycling.
  • Cycling kit friendly washing facilities.

Not Included

  • Your Flights.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Lunches or any tips.
  • Any drinks or incidentals at the hotel.
  • Massage / Spa treatments.
  • Bike hire (available on request).
  • Single occupancy (on request & subject to room availability).

Trip Cost

Double Occupancy Single Supplement Deposit
25th June 2022 2075.00€ 600.00€ 400.00€
3rd Sep 2022 2075.00€ 600.00€ 400.00€

Bike Rental

Prices from : 35.00€ / per day

Bike hire is available for this trip from our established local partner in Bormio. A variety of models with varied specifications are available depending on your needs and budget. Bikes always have a set up suitable for riding here in the Italian Alps.

On arrival we’ll accompany you to the shop in Bormio to collect your bike and make sure it’s set up for you. If you have a recent bike fit document bring this along to allow us to make the fit even better.

If you would like to rent a bike for this trip in the Italian Alps please let us know and we’ll help ensure you get the right bike for your trip.

Bormio bike Rental

3 Month Pre Trip

Prices from : 180.00€ per month

Investing time and energy in a private cycling coach for 3 months is a great way to tune your fitness and gain all of the one to one coaching benefits ahead of your holiday. There’s still time for performance gains even if you’ve had to leave things late because life’s taken over.

The British Cycling Level 3 coaching qualification is the highest recognised coaching certification in UK cycling and working with a Level 3 coach will:

  • Optimise performance gains from the realistic time you have available to train ahead of your holiday in the Italian Alps.
  • Ensure you focus on areas that will really improve your cycling in the build up to your Stelvio / Italian Alps trip.
  • Improve not only physical but also tactical and psychological awareness & strength all of which contribute to you climbing stronger than ever on these iconic climbs.

6 Month Pre Trip

Prices from : 180.00€ per month

If you are serious about making significant long term improvements to your on bike performance, investing time and energy in a private coach for 6 months is one of the most effective ways to increase your cycling performance, stay motivated and achieve your goals. You'll reap the rewards on the roads of the Italian Alps.

The British Cycling Level 3 coaching qualification is the highest recognised coaching certification in UK cycling and working with a Level 3 coach will:

  • Maximise performance benefits from the realistic time you have available to train for your holiday in the Italian Alps.
  • Ensure you focus on areas that will really improve your cycling and allow you to realise (often exceed) your goals for the season and this Italian Alps trip.

Before Trip

Milan - Extend your stay

Milan is Italy’s 2nd city which, throughout time, has prospered greatly due to its commanding location on the mainland.

Today Milan’s architecture is an amazing mix of the old and the new, including high-rise skyscrapers and the not to be missed Duomo Cathedral with its roof terraces offering splendid views across the city.

Milan is particularly known for the Teatro all Scala, one of the most famous opera houses in the world and for its abundance of high end fashion retailers.

Milan Cathedral
Uptown Palace

Visit hotel
The Square

Visit hotel
Hotel Aosta

Visit hotel

After Trip

Milan - Extend your stay

Milan is Italy’s 2nd city which, throughout time, has prospered greatly due to its commanding location on the mainland.

Today Milan’s architecture is an amazing mix of the old and the new, including high-rise skyscrapers and the not to be missed Duomo Cathedral with its roof terraces offering splendid views across the city.

Milan is particularly known for the Teatro all Scala, one of the most famous opera houses in the world and for its abundance of high end fashion retailers.

Milan Catedral
Uptown Palace

Visit hotel
The Square

Visit hotel
Hotel Aosta

Visit hotel

Ultimate Italian Alps FAQ's

How does support work for this Italian Alps trip?

During this centre based trip in the Italian Alps you will have guides and support vehicle available to you every day that you ride. In addition daily GPX files and road books that cover all the key points of the day are sent tou you before arrival. As with all of our trips there’s a maximum of 12 riders and with a staff to cyclist ration of 1:4 we’re always on hand to help.

What type of condition do I need to be in for the Stelvio Pass cycling trip?

The Italian Alps are achievable for all motivated cyclists that have completed training before arrival. Training is all part of the fun of preparing for a holiday to take on Stelvio and other climbs in the Italian Alps. You don’t have to be the fastest rider to have a great week and it helps to be able to pace yourself well and ensure you take on the correct nutrition each day and stay well hydrated. If you have any concerns just contact us so we can answer any questions you may have.

How flexible is the Italian Alps Itinerary?

There are various options available during this Stelvio Pass cycling trip if you would like to do more or less climbing. We are always happy to chat about the options with you at any stage. 

How’s the weather in the Italian Alps?

The weather is usually good at the times of year we run this trip however the mountains (especially high summits like Stelvio & Gavia) can always throw up the odd surprise or two so it’s always best to come equipped with a selection of kit to cover different situations (remember this can all be carried in the support vehicle!). Temperatures in the Italian Alps as with all major mountain ranges can be varied from the valley to the tops of the climbs,. This can lead to be a decrease of around a degree for every 100 meters of altitude gained.

What if I climb slower than others?

The best advice is to climb at a pace that feels right for you. It’s always best to start the trip at a sensible, sustainable pace and build into it. You can be confident that we will manage the group every day to ensure that everyone feels happy with their personal achievements.

I’m planning on coming alone to the Stelvio Pass cycling trip, is this okay?

Absolutely fine to come alone on this Italian Alps/Stelvio Pass cycling holiday. You’re sure to meet other great people. You can either share a room with another guest (of the same sex) or where available pay an additional single supplement for a room.

How do the Italian Alps differ from the French Alps?

Climbs in the Italian Alps typically have slightly higher gradient than their counterparts in France. With the right gearing selection and pacing strategy this is easily manageable.

Can you provide further information?

Yes it it. We fully encourage questions at any stage. You can take a look at our FAQ page or get in touch with us directly if you would like to discuss any aspect of this trip to the Italian Alps.

Travel Information

All you need to know about getting in and out.


Airport: Milan (Malpensa)
Meeting Point: GRAN CAFE Terminal 2 (there’s a free shuttle from T1)
Transfer Departure: 1.30pm

You will be met at the airport in person by ourselves ready for your private transfer to your accommodation in Bormio.

We aim to leave the airport at Milan Malpensa by 1.30PM. When making plans for your trip to the Italian Alps, please make sure your flights land well ahead of this time. Always check with us before confirming your flights.

If you are flying in from outside of Europe to Milan it’s best to arrive the day before to ensure any flight delays don’t impact the start of your holiday.

After the transfer to your hotel in Bormio the welcome meeting outlines the plan for the week  in the Italian Alps and there’s then plenty of time to put the bikes together and take an easy spin to make sure everything is ready for the first day of cycling stelvio pass.


Airport: Milan (Malpensa)
Hotel Departure Time: 8.30am
Airport Drop off: Midday for flights after 2PM

It’s sad your holiday to the Italian Alps is over but you’ve had a fantastic week of riding and we’re sure your memories of the trip will keep you motivated until the next time.

We will leave the hotel in Bormio after breakfast at 8.30am for the transfer back to Milan Malpensa airport in plenty of time for your flights.