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Do your genes make you great at sport?

Wouldn’t it be good if we could take away some of the guess work about what will or won’t work for us in training?

Well it appears that the science to do exactly that is available and without breaking the bank. A recent post on the BBC explores exactly what you can find out about the type of genetic being you are and then use this information to improve not only your training but also your recovery and nutritional habits. Great isn’t it?

Although the video starts off with a chat about football it does move on to the testing process itself and it’s certainly an eye opener as to what can be learned. It wasn’t so long ago that this type of data was only available to elite athletes. How quickly times are changing!

DNA Fit even allow you to do this remotely without even having to visit them! How good would this information be to feed into your coaching programme for next season?

What do you think a good or bad thing for us amateur riders looking to improve?

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