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It's Time to Cycle Gran Canaria Once More.

As at the time of writing it’s approaching the beginning of November. The team here at Colconquerors are once again looking forward to leaving the on coming winter in the Alps behind and heading off to Gran Canaria where the climate is considerably friendlier to us cyclists at this time of year.

It is in fact our 4th winter of running trips to Gran Canaria not only in November but also between January and March so it’s fair to say that we have discovered many of the islands attractions on a bike over this time.

Clearly one of the main draws to the island is its southerly location which ensures the climate is significantly better than just about anywhere else in Europe during the winter months. Mallorca where the temperatures can struggle at times certainly in the early months of the year can’t compete with the high teens to mid 20’s temperatures usually common in Gran Canaria where it can also be hotter than this especially once inland. It’s certainly summer kit time throughout winter!!

The terrain lends itself to those wanting not only a challenge that will contribute to fitness levels ensuring a good following season, but also to those wanting to ride a bit easier and take in the scenery which is absolutely stunning. The summit of the island Pico las Nievas is at 1949m above sea level and has three routes to the top, one being over 45km in length. From here you can survey not only much of the southern half of the island but also Tenerife with Mont Teide to the north west. Take a moment to admire the view and give yourself a pat on the back for your climbing achievement!

Unlike other islands where riding can be a little limited there’s so much more to Gran Canaria. With climbs as challenging as the Valley of the Tears (VOTT), the beautiful Serenity climb to Ayacata from Puerto de Mogan and the climb to Soria to name just a few there are just so many opportunities to enjoy your riding here at this time of the year. I’d go as far to say that if you’re looking for somewhere with near guaranteed weather to hone your fitness and soak up the sun you need look no further.

We bumped into the crew from GCN last season on the island during filming for their Gran Canaria feature and it’s a great way to actually see the island before you visit. Rest assured however appealing the scenery looks in the film it’s better in real life!

Enjoy the movie and hopefully it will inspire you to join us for some great riding in Gran Canaria soon.

We offer a center based holiday that runs in November, January, February and March and also a multi centre Island Tour that runs once in November and again once in March each season.

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