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There's always a historic painful moment to focus the mind!

There's always a historic painful moment to focus the mind!

It’s at this time of year I’m really thankful for the turbo, especially the past few snowy and windy weeks.

Given I’m unable to ride outside it’s important to get some consistency going and a combination of the new Elite direct drive turbo and some serious hard work on the Cross Country skis is hopefully starting to pay off. Well at least it’s fair to say that it doesn’t feel as hard as it did a month ago and the numbers are starting to slowly creep up once more which always brings a smile!

Firm recollections of last summer!

Every year at around this time I think back to the beginning of the previous season and there’s always a climb or two that really hurt and it sure does focus the mind when completing the sessions each day. The Valley of the tears (VOTT) in Gran Canaria is especially memorable right now for all the wrong reasons so plenty of VO2 max work is going on that will help things along next month! The XC skiing appears to be helping with this no end with the smallest of bumps sending the heart rate racing! I used to think cycling mountains was the hardest sport in the world but I’m now reconsidering… It looks so easy :-)

XC skiing appears to be tough!

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