Private 1 to 1 Zwift Coaching Sessions

Just like riding with your coach in the real world (minus the bad weather!)

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Coaching on a one to one level has always been one of our main motivators at Colconquerors. Being able to help guests increase their knowledge of training, improve as riders and stay motivated has been the raison d'etre for many a year. We've often thought about how this could be established outside of trips and now with the virtual platforms, such as Zwift having become more established, our aspiration has become a reality, as we now offer Zwift coaching sessions.

Six Reasons Zwift Coaching Sessions Are Beneficial

  • Transform your indoor training and learn or improve techniques, tactics and training strategies in a risk free and fun environment.
  • Receive immediate objective feedback from your qualified level 3 cycling coach.
  • Instant access to your coach maximising the use of your time. No need to travel further than your turbo.
  • Levels of motivation and energy are always high.
  • Virtual environments provide terrain that allows for very real world coaching scenarios to be played out.
  • Establish and maintain a personal relationship with your coach who in turn will develop a detailed understanding of your needs.


What Do Private One To One Zwift Coaching Sessions Include?

10 Minute Coaching Consultation Before Your Session

This consultation sets the scene for what you want to achieve during your Zwift training sessions and allows your coach to create a personalised session focused on your needs. This could be anything ranging from pacing on undulating terrain, to how to complete a VO2 max session with more focus. Private one to one Zwift coaching sessions will be conducted by phone (Facetime or voice) or preferably via the Zoom video calling platform. Here's just a few of the things we've been coaching in our virtual Zwift coaching sessions, all of which can of course be practiced in a safe environment!

  • Developing climbing efficiency - Cadence selection, pacing and strategy for stand alone or multi climb days and events.
  • Maximising the one to one coaching benefits of training with power (introduction & advanced options).
  • Nutritional strategy for multi climb days - Are you fuelled for success or are glycogen levels always depleted?
  • Increasing pace on a climb - Having confidence to vary the pace & intensity on a long climb.
  • Developing pacing strategies for riding for sustained periods over challenging undulating terrain
  • Launching a successful attack in a group ride & closing down breaks, responding to attacks and energy conservation.
  • Increasing capacity to enable strong finishes at the end of a big day or event.
  • Attaining an efficient position for climbing and descending.
  • Motivational support during performance tests or challenging sessions.

Course & Structured Workout Selection

Your coach will select a course within the Zwift platform that best suits the needs of your personal Zwift training. If appropriate, a structured workout will be used to make the session as specific as possible to your needs. Your coach will prepare a detailed session that will be the basis of your Zwift coaching session.

If you are use a TrainingPeaks (even Free account) you can link to your Zwift account to follow a structured workout that your coach will send to you in advance of your Zwift coaching session.

What To Expect From Your Zwift Training

Meet Your Coach In Zwift - Pre Session

Your coach will be in waiting for you in the Zwift meet-up 10 minutes before your Zwift training begins. Just like meeting your coach in the real world, these 10 minutes before the session are used to outline the structure and purpose of your Zwift coaching session. One to one sessions can also be a good opportunity to chat about the different longer term training strategies available, including Titanium, Steel and Carbon, which your coach will help you to find the one that best suits you. 

The Main Coaching Session

Your coach will lead you through the 60 minute Zwift coaching session that will be specifically focused on what was agreed pre ride. Depending upon the type of coaching session, a warm-up may required to ensure you are ready for the Zwift training ahead. We always recommend to maximise your time with your coach that you complete a warm-up before entering the meet-up with your coach.

Post Session

After the main Zwift training has concluded, your coach will remain on the call/Zoom session for 10 minutes to talk through the session, ensure that it met your expectations and agree the next steps for you to take.

One To One Zwift Coaching Options

Build a personal relationship with your coach

If you would like more information about our Zwift training, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

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