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  • There's always a historic painful moment to focus the mind!

    There's always a historic painful moment to focus the mind!

    The turbo isn’t all bad you know especially when it can be the difference in making real performance gains over winter or not. Coupled with some XC skiing for the first time this year and a new Turbo the off season is starting to shape us nicely.

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  • Gran Canaria High Altitude Weeks

    Gran Canaria offers some excellent climbing with long climbs of varying gradients, spectacular scenery and quiet roads. The island is used by several pro teams with some riders having property here to benefit from the terrain and weather.

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  • Bike Box Hire for Guests

    Bike Box Hire for Guests

    With so many of you looking to borrow bike boxes from friends and club members this year and storage of the boxes themselves being quite a challenge at times we’ve teamed up with Bikebox On Line to offer you a great value and reliable rental service.

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  • A Pictorial View of a Great 2015 Season

    A Pictorial View of a Great 2015 Season

    As the summer of 2015 draws to a close it seems fitting to highlight some of the fantastic mountains that have provided us all with such great spectacle and challenge these past 5 months.

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  • Performance Development - Gran Canaria

    Gran Canaria - Performance Development from Colconquerors on Vimeo.

    Serious about making a step change in your performance? Performance Development Weeks are focused on helping you take your riding to a new level of performance, become fitter, faster and prepare you for tougher challenges ahead.

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  • Bike Log - 10th Feb 2015

    A great training ride deserves a bike log. A varied and challenging session left me not even noticing the average temperature was -2!

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  • How to Climb an Alpine Climb (GCN)

    A great short film from the team at GCN that if you missed it the first time around echoes my thoughts on how to tackle the climbs including staying hydrated and fueled throughout.

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  • Alpe d'Huez

    If you’ve not experienced the great climb up to Alpe d’Huez the latest addition to the Col Collective collection highlights the key elements of the climb. It still looks easier than it feels!

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  • Bike Log Aix-les-Bains / January 12th 2015

    A sunny but cold visit to the lake at Aix-Les-Bains this morning for a great low intensity base building ride.

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  • Performance Development vs High Altitude trips, Sportives & Tours.

    Performance Development vs High Altitude trips, Sportives & Tours.

    With various types of trip on offer we took the opportunity to answer some questions that have been asked recently regarding the differences between Tours, High Altitude trips and Performance Development weeks.

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  • Goal Setting - Unlock your potential

    Goal Setting - Unlock your potential

    The art of goal setting is often misunderstood or worse still omitted altogether from our planning. When we do set ourselves targets for the following season they are often along the lines of finishing in the top 100 of the Etape du Tour but is a goal like this realistic and how do we know we’ll be in the place we need to be when the taking stops?

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  • The Lacets de Montvernier

    A couple of years ago when I talked about the Lacets de Montvernier and the Col du Chauusy it was met with blank looks and intrigue, surely we’d all have heard about a Col this great?

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  • Mont Ventoux

    Our Col du Galibier to Mont Ventoux tours next year were obviously inspired by these two legendary climbs and the epic battles that have unfolded on them over the years. Today Michael Cotty provides a great insight into the challenge of Mont Ventoux.

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  • The Col du Glandon

    The Col du Glandon is a firm favorite of ours and this recent Michael Cotty film shows exactly why this climb features in many of our weeks each summer!

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  • Fitness Testing & Training Zones

    Fitness Testing & Training Zones

    Following on from part 1 of this article that provided the information you need to understand the benefits of training with zones, part 2 will focus on explaining how to conduct a fitness test, record and analyze the information, set up your zones and also point you in the right direction to get started with a structured training plan. I’d strongly recommend reading part 1 in full before continuing with this article.

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  • Foundations of Structured Training.

    Foundations of Structured Training.

    This article provides you with foundation information essential to following a successful endurance training programme. It will give you an understanding of what happens to our bodies when we ride at various intensities and looks in detail at the training zones that allow us to control and manage training more effectively. You will also find information highlighting that becoming a better rider isn’t all about improving fitness. There are also psychological, technical and tactical needs to be addressed in addition if we are to take leaps rather than small steps in our quest to becoming as good as we can be.

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  • Attack like Chris Froome on Ventoux!

    It’s always important to have something or someone to aspire to when training, someone that’s stronger that ourselves in one way or another or even a lasting image of a professional rider doing something extraordinary, something that we can fixate upon when the going gets tough on the bike. In this post we’ll examine Chris Froome’s victory on Mont Ventoux in his Tour winning season and decide if we too can improve our riding and launch attacks like this.

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  • Striving to improve your riding?

    Striving to improve your riding?

    This is the first and launch post for the V-Zone blog. The goal is to provide high quality, easily accessible information to those of you looking to make a step change in your performance and improve how you ride especially here in the mountains. This first post gives an overview of who I am, what I’m trying to achieve, why and also what you can expect going forwards. I’m excited about this and it’s been on my mind for a long time now so I hope you’ll find some of the coming posts helpful in your quest to become a stronger and more knowledgeable rider.

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  • Riding the alps, is it all glamour?

    For a road cyclist the French Alps can be the pinnacle of cycling achievement. Famed by the Tour de France the region offers some of the most challenging terrain to be found anywhere. Strangely this offers a way for us cyclists to discover our inner selves and capabilities both mentally and physically. It’s a true voyage of self discovery that’s open to all of us, mind over legs - Is this really the ultimate challenge on 2 wheels?

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  • Training Blog Starts December 2014

    Check back towards the middle of December 2014 when there will be some informative new content to help you realise your cycling goals next season.

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