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Become a guide at Colconquerors

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Become a guide at Colconquerors

Be the ultimate ‘domestique’ for the 2019 season


Background & Opportunity

We specialise in providing road cycling holidays, tours, training weeks and weekends in some of Europe’s finest cycling destinations. Established for 9 years we strive to provide great cycling challenges for our guests.

Ready to roll from Badia in the Dolomites - Ultimate Dolimites

Our primary focus is to ensure that our guests have an amazing time with us riding and achieve their goals whilst we provide high quality accommodation, support, skills and advice to ensure guests go away not only having had a great trip but also as better, more knowledgeable riders.

We pride ourselves in the fact that over 70% of our guests return to us with many being on their 4th or 5th holiday at Colconquerors. We go all out to ensure that all guests have to think about is riding and that they have a confidence in our ability to look after their best interests in all circumstances. Our guests deserve the best.

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What’s the Opportunity?

Cycling in the mountains can be tough and to ensure that days run smoothly we are looking for people that appreciate that it’s a combination of lots of small things that when put together create a great day out on the bike. The opportunity is to share our passion for looking after people in the mountains, providing guests with a cycling experience they won’t forget. We want our guests to remember you and your attention to their needs during their stay and your willingness to go that little bit further than most normally would.

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A large proportion of people that ride do so as a form of escapism, to remove themselves from the challenges of everyday life. Cycling trips are precious time away for most with many returning year on year whilst others have saved for the trip of a lifetime to the mountains with their bike. At Colconquerors we see it as our purpose to ensure everyone meets their personal goals for a trip and we are here to support them in every way possible. This ranges from ensuring the bike is put together correctly on arrival, providing helpful advice on technique, nutrition and recovery all the way through to giving encouragement and motivation when we return to base at the end of the day. The mountains are a great place to ride and people react differently to the challenge at the end of tough days, it’s for us to recognise this and help people be ready to go again physically and mentally. It’s tough out there!

The Position in Detail

What kind of person are we Looking for?

Hopefully you’ll have an understanding of our background and why we do things the way we do. Here are the key attributes you’ll need to ensure both guests and yourself have a superb experience.

– You must be a strong cyclist able to deal with the physical and psychological demands of riding in the mountains on continuous days in variable conditions.

– You’ll need to be able to manage your physical effort on the bike and have good recovery routines to ensure you personally go the distance.

– You must be comfortable and confident leading groups solo when required.

– You’ll need to be confident providing advice about all aspects of riding to people from a wide range of backgrounds. Guests should look upon you as an expert in your field.

– You must be able to motivate people, provide encouragement and ensure that even when the riding is tough they take positives from the experience to carry into future days.

– It’s tough for us as well, out there all day on the bike and there will be times when you’ll have to put a brave face on due to your own fatigue and not feeling 100%. We must be able to look after people at all times.

– It’s important that you are able to think on your feet and communicate with team members well. The mountain environment can change rapidly and for the safety and well being of your riders there will be times when you’ll need to make sensible changes based on the conditions and communicate these clearly to others.

– You’ll need to be able to put the needs of others before your own but always recognise that you’re of no use to the group if you are out of action. You are effectively the ultimate ‘super domestique’ riding for and in support others.

– Riders like different things, some like to chat all the way and others like to be left to their own devices. You must be able to work people out quickly.

– You’ll need to be well presented and engaging on and off the bike.

– We are a small company and as such we need you to be flexible in your approach to tasks that need completing during a tour. In return we provide a great experience spending time in a fantastic environment with great people.

What are the tasks and activities you’ll be involved in?

Pre Trip Tasks

– Familiarise yourself in detail with the tour itinerary and climbs.

– Have all routes loaded onto your Garmin / Bike computer and be confident in using its mapping and navigational features.

– Help guests rebuild and check their bikes on their arrival.

– Assist with airport transfers on trips where this is required.

– Perform safety checks and ensure your own bike is in perfect working order.

Typical Daily Tasks

– Participate/run daily ride briefing usually at breakfast / conditions review.

– Help guests with any bike/kit/fit issues before departure.

– Remind guests of safety check for their bikes and kit - ensure appropriate for conditions based on your experience.

– Familiarise yourself with the plan for the day and be able to explain to riders where water and fuel stops are planned. Explain the role of the support vehicle for the day.

– Typically climb 2000-3500 meters on routes between 75 & 170km in length per day ensuring guests have a safe and memorable ride.

– Depending on conditions / group needs drive the support vehicle.

– Remain in contact with ride leader and advise of progress / challenges.

– Advise riders on route, pacing, technique and nutrition as required and keep everyone motivated whilst recognising that people like different things!

– Work with riders to resolve any mechanicals out on the road and communicate any major problems.

– Work as part of the team to make changes to routes as rider and weather conditions dictate.

– Securely load and unload the van with bikes and equipment when required.

– Provide post ride recovery information to help prevent injury and ensure guests are as recovered as possible the following day.

– Advise on improvements you think could be made to improve guest experience for any given day.

– Manage guest requests, questions, problems and liaise with the us to ensure everything is resolved to the highest level of professionalism.

– Evening meal and general socialising with the group. It’s a team!

– Remain flexible in your approach at all times to ensure the trip is successful for the guests.

A relaxing evening after the big day

Other activities / information for trips.

– Spend time studying the routes and logistics for the tours. It’s essential that you have a full understanding on the routes including all climb information such as length, gradient and difficulty so you can advise riders during the tour. You’re the pro!!

– Driving bikes and equipment between regions when required.

– Accommodation is in hotels or apartments/accommodation close by.

– Helping guests on recovery days where required.

Hours & Rates

Most of the time our season is split between trips that are 7 nights long and others that are 4 nights in duration. During 7 night trips you will be required to ride/work each day. This usually looks like 7 days work (5 or 6 days riding with a day pre and post guest arrival for prep). Some trips have a rest/recovery day usually on Wednesday depending on the weather conditions. For 4 night trips you would be required to ride/work for 3 consecutive days usually with a day either side for transfers and preparation.

If you are working on multiple tours there will sometimes be gaps between these when you will need to find your own accommodation. Commonly this is easily achieved using AirBnB or similar.

Our Guiding Position Includes:

– Accommodation for the duration of the trip either in a hotel, apartment or other suitable accommodation convenient for the trip. Meals on guest trip nights will be taken at the hotels with guests.

– A set rate of pay per trip based on your experience and level of cycling specific qualifications plus of course the ability to converse with guests from many different walks of life.

The Position Does Not Include:

– Travel costs.

– Lunches, drinks and other incidentals.

– Accommodation between trips if you’re working multiple tours.

It goes without saying that you’re an essential part of the team and will be made to feel this way.

Minimum Requirements For Our Guiding Positions

You must confirm/have each of the below:

– Confirm availability for the tours you are working and be 100% reliable.

– You are an energetic person that loves being around others and has the ability to provide exceptional customer service, motivation and have fun whilst remaining professional and caring for peoples safety and well being at all times.

– You must be in great shape and have trained appropriately for the tour(s).

– Previous guiding or suitable cycling experience with a knowledge of the areas we operate in.

– Be durable and a strong cyclist.

– Be aware of and to have prepared for the challenges that sustained riding in the mountains can present cyclists.

– Be able to arrive at least 1 day before the tour guests arrive.

– British or Euro bank account

– Permanent UK National Insurance number

– British / European Passport

– Must be legally entitled to work in the EU

– Held a full driving licence for 3 years

– Suitable sports & travel insurance for yourself in addition to holding a current EHIC card.

– A current emergency first aid certificate

Ideally you will also have one of the following:

– Coaching Qualifications

– A sports science background

– A background in sport

– Ride leading experience


Get in touch

If you’re looking for a great challenge this summer send us your CV by email and contact us to arrange an initial Skype meeting and take it from there.

Rob’s email :
Rob’s Mobile : +33 6 85 12 18 29

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