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Yellow Jersey Bike Insurance

Yellow Jersey Bike Insurance

As time goes by the value of our bikes increases as does the risk as we all travel more and more these days in pursuit of new challenges. We use Yellow Jersey for our Tour Operator Insurance and we are happy to recommend them for your personal bike insurance too.

Here’s a small example of why you should consider dedicated bike insurance.

Laura flew from Toronto to the UK and found her chainstay had been damaged during the flight. Laura says it has likely been crushed during the baggage handling process, but the airline maintains that as her bike box was not damaged too, they cannot be held responsible and therefore are paying her no compensation. All in all a frustrating situation that could be avoided.

A few things to consider…

1) Airlines are often very reluctant to pay out for damage to sports equipment 2) Even if they do pay out, it may not necessarily be to the full value of the bike.

The good news that Yellow Jersey would cover this if the same happened to them. On their Performance policy the bike itself is covered for flights within Europe for loss or damage, and on our Ultimate policy both the bike and the bike box/bag is covered for flights worldwide. In our experience the airlines these days are good at handling our bikes but sometime accidents can happen and it’s good to know there’s a solution in place should you need it.

Even If your bike is covered on your house insurance or sports insurance policy it may not be covered to the degree you need if it’s damaged, lost or stolen.

We are pleased to be able to offer a discount of 10% Yellow Jersey bike insurance for our guest. All you have to do is visit our dedicated page on their web site and use the COLCONQUERORS10 code.

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