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Swapping the GEL for the Jelly Baby!

Swapping the GEL for the Jelly Baby!

Having spent some time at the end of last summer experimenting with some different foods I invested in “Training Food” by Renee McGregor to help things along. I’d been keen for a while to cut out as much of the artificial stuff from my rides as possible mainly as a result of being concerned over longer term health risks. I go through a lot of this stuff each summer you know!

So out with the energy gels and in with the humble but ever so tasty jelly babies. On investigation it turns out that 6 of these tasty treats provides 30g of carbs the same as the gel and because they can be taken one after the other you can drip feed them at will rather than having to get one almighty sugar rush. We all have our favorites but given these are natural and real food I thought well worth a go.

Well last September I have a customary final assault of Alpe d’Huez just to make sure there’s nothing left in the legs before hanging up the bike for a few weeks. Usually 3 gels (one 30 mins before, one after 15 mins and then finally at 40 mins) does the job but to my surprise 12 Jelly babies (six 30 mins before on the ride to the base drip fed and another handful after 20 mins of climbing) delivered a PB!! So I stuck with this approach in November down in Gran Canaria and I’ve not touched a GEL since :-) Perhaps better, perhaps not but they worked and are cheaper than most gels!

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