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  • Become a guide at Colconquerors

    Become a guide at Colconquerors

    We’re looking for a great cycling guide with tons of energy and a real passion for looking after people. Read on to find out more and if you think you’re the right person we’d love to hear from you…

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  • Ian & Thomas review their Gran Canaria Cycling Holiday - January 2019

    Ian & Thomas give an overview of their recent week with us in Gran Canaria.

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  • British Cycling 20 Minute Warm Up

    It’s essential to warm up correctly before training sessions…

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  • January 2019 - Cycling Holiday Newsletter

    January 2019 - Cycling Holiday Newsletter

    Wow where did 2018 disappear to! Well we’re back at the beginning of another year of cycling starting in a couple of weeks time down in Gran Canaria with trips running between January & March. After this we head back to mainland Europe and are looking forward to revisiting all of our favourite destinations once more.

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  • Do your genes make you great at sport?

    Wouldn’t it be good if we could take away some of the guess work about what will or won’t work for us in training?

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  • It's Time to Cycle Gran Canaria Once More.

    The countdown is on until we head off to Gran Canaria for some great holidays and winter training…

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  • The Toughest Cycling Climb of the Season?

    The Toughest Cycling Climb of the Season?

    Over the course of the season we frequently get asked (and ask ourselves) what’s the most challenging cycling climb in our season. It’s a great question don’t you think?

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  • Yellow Jersey Bike Insurance

    Yellow Jersey Bike Insurance

    As time goes by the value of our bikes increases as does the risk as we all travel more and more these days in pursuit of new challenges…

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  • The Summits of 2018

    The Summits of 2018

    Each season we visit some of the highest places that it is possible to reach on a bike during our cycling tours across Europe. Today we’d like to introduce some of the summits of these tours that we all strive to conquer and shed more than just a few drops of sweat along the way!

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  • Corsica on our minds!

    Corsica on our minds!

    Corisca is on our minds with less than 48hrs to go. Looking forward to a great week on the road and plenty of spectacular scenery.

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  • Galibier Fully Open

    Col du Galibier from Colconquerors on Vimeo.

    It was only right to stop for a quick look around for the first time since the last 1km of road officially opened. Looking forward to being back at the Galibier on Sunday with guests.

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  • 2018 Mountain Recon Day

    Cormet de Roseland recon for 2018 from Colconquerors on Vimeo.

    New hotels, new roads and a big new challenge awaits in 2018 for those wanting a big challenge in a compact weekend!

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  • On route to the Galibier

    Untitled from Colconquerors on Vimeo.

    A special time as the road to the Galibier begins to open.

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  • Col du Telegraphe First Ascent of 2017

    Col du Telegraphe - First ascent 2017 from Colconquerors on Vimeo.

    The home climb always brings a smile at the start of a new season.

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  • Gran Canaria Update

    Gran Canaria Bike Log 1 - 2017 from Colconquerors on Vimeo.

    An update from our Gran Canaria weeks in March 2017. What a day!

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  • Pacing Strategy for Alpe d'Huez and Sportives

    Pacing Strategy for Alpe d'Huez and Sportives

    The correct pacing strategy is a massively important aspect of cycling. Regardless of this it is an often overlooked factor even though the performance gains that can be achieved are huge.

    During this short blog post I am going to split my article into two parts. The first part will discuss how to pace for a max effort time trial style hill climb. The second part will discuss the importance of pacing for an all day sportive style event. This post will be written with an Alpine theme but they key points are relevant across all areas and disciplines of cycling.

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  • Business as usual post Brexit

    Business as usual at Colconquerors Post Brexit from Colconquerors on Vimeo.

    Business as usual for Colconquerors post Brexit. We’re looking forward to the future and are fully committed to providing high quality cycling experiences going forward.

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  • New to Cycling the Alps? Five of our most frequently asked questions by new riders.

    New to Cycling the Alps? Five of our most frequently asked questions by new riders.

    If you’re considering visiting the Alps to cycle, the answers to these 5 questions that we’ve been asked over the years will help you along the way.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    To help you get off to a good start this page will give you all the information you need to plan your trip and then get the most from it.

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  • Swapping the GEL for the Jelly Baby!

    Swapping the GEL for the Jelly Baby!

    Having spent some time at the end of last summer experimenting with some different foods invested in “Training Food” by Renee McGregor to help things along. I’d been keen for a while to cut out as much of the artificial stuff from my rides as possible mainly as a result of being concerned over longer term health risks. I go through a lot of this stuff each summer you know!

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